Prevail Per-Fit Underwear

The all new Per-Fit for men and women offer a dependable level of incontinence protection. Prevail Per Fit underwear are designed with the main protection placed correctly for men or women.  Lifestyles today require a product that not only feels right but allows for active movement.  Prevail Per Fit is made with those concerns in mind and at an affordable price. Targeted where needed most, and now with a look and feel to meet the needs of today's active lifestyle.   

Supports skin health and wellness

Breathable Zones allow air to flow to help skin breathe and stay cool. Dri-Fit and QUICK WICK with MaxSoft also helps promote healthy skin by wicking wetness away quickly.

Provides discreet protection and comfort

Targeted absorbency zones give you protection where you need it most. QUICK WICK with MaxSoft and a fast absorbing thin core rapidly lock away moisture and odor. Odor Guard helps stop odors before they start.

The form-fitting shape and stretchable waist provide the ultimate in comfort and discretion. The cloth-like outer cover is soft and comfortable.

Prevail Per-Fit Underwear for Women

Designed and contoured for a woman’s body shape, Prevail Per-Fit Underwear for Women features a form-fitting shape and stretchable waist for maximum comfort and discretion. The pretty lavender color makes them as feminine as they are functional!

Prevail Per-Fit Underwear for Men

Made just for men, Prevail Per-Fit for Men are form-fitted with a stretch material for the ultimate in cool, comfortable protection. Printed Soft Stretch Waistband designed specifically for men make them look and feel more like men’s underwear.