Overactive Bladder (OAB) Doesn’t Mean the End of Elegance

Discover How to Feel Confident & Stylish with Incontinence Products.

Knowing that you may require quick trips to a bathroom with little or no warning can cramp your lifestyle. You may notice yourself not participating in fun activities and missing special outings with family and friends because you’re concerned about the inconvenience of overactive bladder (OAB), and possibility of embarrassment.

Understand that, even if you have persistent and unpredictable symptoms of overactive bladder (OAB), you don’t have to resign yourself to staying home and opting out of activities. In fact, if you do, you may only make things worse. Avoiding exercise and other physical activities may lead to obesity and poor muscle tone, and both could add to incontinence problems.

Overcoming OAB

Staying active – physically, mentally, and socially, is essential for a happy life. So, now’s the time, as an OAB-sufferer, to take simple steps that can help you take your life back and return to doing the things you enjoy most. The right incontinence products can dramatically help prevent OAB from standing in your way.

Gone are the days of baggy, diaper-like incontinence products. Today, there are many stylish, fashionable incontinence products that will have you looking and feeling confident while staying dry and comfortable, from leading brands such as Prevail. A variety of incontinence products that may help you manage your OAB symptoms effectively include adjustable briefs and discrete protective underwear or pads. The experts at Dusini Drug & Home Medical Equipment can assist you with selecting the right products.

Be sure to talk with your physician about your OAB issues and treatment plan to make sure you’re being paired with the best OAB solutions possible.

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